Liquid Forms

Developer Friendly Forms for Static Sites

Do the web form solutions you've found make you sad? Do you wish you could just define which field names you want and use your own markup? Do other solutions leak their branding into your site?

Do you want simple forms that just work?

Liquid Forms was built for you. Keep the focus on your brand. Design the forms you want to build. Use the markup you want to use. Everything is packaged as an affordable managed hosting solution that you can afford.

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«Liquid Carbon» by Mike Kr├╝ger

Your Field Names. Your Markup.

Make your form look exactly like you want it to

You know what you want to build. So build it! Just tell us which field names you want to use in your form and that's it. You can use whatever markup you want!

There may be an extra field or two that you may need to add but for the most part we use a light touch when it comes to how you build your form on your site.

Extremely Simple Form Builder

Our KISS approach to handling forms

If you are looking to build simple forms for your static websites then Liquid Forms is for you. If you subscribe to the KISS principle you'll feel right at home with Liquid Forms. With just a few simple field types you can still build incredibly powerful forms without all of the fuss.

Less of Us, More of You

We like to stay out of the way

Whether you choose to redirect on submission or leverage our rich AJAX API, the focus is on you and your brand. In fact, we go well out of our way to stay out of the way by limiting the amount of validation we do on your form submissions so we do not have to provide a customized form entry experience for your users.

Minimal Validation

Because KISS

Validation of form submissions is serious business. That said, handling form submission errors is hard. :( So we do very little of it. The end result is an experience that is simple for you, your users, and us! We all win!

We're not crazy, though. We do some validation and some sanity checking, but for the most part we believe in very liberal rules for web forms. We're not building an e-commerce site or anything.

If you need complicated validation rules and are not happy relying on client-side validation for this, Liquid Forms may not be for you!

Affordable Managed Hosting

One less thing for you to worry about

Since you are deploying static sites you are probably aware of some of the benefits of not having to manage a dynamic site. Less maintenance. Not having to worry about databases being down. You know, the usual stuff. Why bring all of that into the mix again for your static sites just to process a form or two when we can do all of the hard work for you?

Serious About Static Sites?

Yep, so are we.

As the creators of Sculpin, a static site generator written in PHP, we take static sites very seriously. We built Liquid Forms for ourselves because other solutions just weren't that fun to work with. We think you'll enjoy Liquid Forms as much as we do!

Want Early Access?

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We're currently under development. If you want to get early access to Liquid Forms, sign up for our mailing list to get on our early access list!